About these ballot measures

On August 1st, 2018 the Spokane City Council and Spokane Public Schools Board of Directors
held a historic joint board meeting.

The purpose of this meeting was to review and authorize two partnership ballot resolutions for
the November 6th general election. Upon passing, this unique collaboration between the City of
Spokane, Spokane Public Libraries and Spokane Public Schools will bring to the citizens of Spokane:

  • 3 – New Middle Schools (northeast, northwest and southeast)
  • 3 – Replacement Middle Schools (Glover, Sacajawea and Shaw)
  • 3 – New Library branches (Hillyard at Shaw Middle School, Liberty Park and Libby Center)
  • 4 – Modernized library branches (Shadle, Downtown, South Hill and Indian Trail)
  • On Track Academy modernization
  • Lewis and Clark H.S. Commons Addition
  • Libby Center modernization
  • A stadium project (modernize or relocate Albi)
  • School Safety and Security Upgrades district-wide
  • Technology upgrades district-wide
  • Smaller school building projects district-wide

This unique collaboration between government agencies and elected officials brings to Spokane
a commitment to deliver educational and service opportunities for generations to come.